You are perfect

"You are perfect” Positive Mental Training for the younger child. Give your child a happy and positive experience while building the foundation for a lasting sense of satisfaction and joy. Help your child to learn to think positively from the start.

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The stories will give your child:

More joy.
More peacefulness and calm.
A deep feeling of being love and wanted.
A greater sense of self-worth and self-confidence.
More ease in the going-to-bed process - and with falling asleep.

"You are perfect!”

Your child experiences listening to good stories, but the stories have an effect. They strengthen the child's self - confidence, self - esteem and sense of being loved. "You are something very special" is first and foremost for completely ordinary children, regardless of whether the child has low self-esteem or not.

If your child needs to calm down, or you want to make the sleeping ritual a very positive experience, then this is a good idea. It is not without reason that a child psychologist has recommended it as "mindfulness for children". Your child will love it.

Here's the best: After just a few days, your child is looking forward to going to bed at night. End all problems around bedtime.

Playing time: “You are perfect”:

Part 1: “The cuttly cuties” 24 mins. (a day-time story)

Part 2: “The zoo” 21 mins. (a bed-time story)

Written by Carsten Sommerskov
Narrated by Deborah Mathews
Music by Kenneth Plon