Bedtime Issues Resolved

"You are wonderful", "You are clever", "You are special", "You are loved" ... These are the last things your child will hear while before heading off to dreamland. These streamings and downloads makes sure that your child falls asleep in the most wonderfull way.

Who would not love to fall asleep to praise. Hear yourself saying "Bedtime." And hear "Ok, but only if you’ll let me listen to one of the stories." Not only does your child fall asleep more easily and willingly, but your child also strengthens self-esteem and confidence during sleep.

Bedtime issues

Most parents are painfully familiar with the frustrations, problems and issues of establishing a healthy bedtime routine. Some children go to bed but then won’t stay there. Others flat out refuse to even go near the bed and some are excellent in stalling.

"Mom, why can’t I play a little longer?"
"Mom, can I sleep in your bed tonight?"
"Mom, there’s a monster under my bed"
"Mom, why can’t I stay up a little longer?"

You’ll experience:
A well-rested child
An easy and fun bedtime routine
More time for yourself in the evening

You can't force your child to go to sleep. But what if you can change the bedtime behavior into a positive experience? Just like any other routine the activity of going to bed has to be learned. The number one advice by pediatricians and child psychologists around bedtime issues is to establish a regular and relaxing bedtime routine. These streaming's and downloads will help you to do that.

No more bedtime issues.

Children love these streamings because they are actively involved in the stories. As the successful main character in a story they receive all the praise and encouragement worthy of a "best actor". This positive feedback will naturally boost the child's self-esteem, raise self-confidence and improve self-image.

Fantastic streamings with amazing results

The streaming and downloads include both daytime and bedtime stories.The stories are told in a soothing voice with accompanying quiet and calming background music. We hear time and again from parents that their children look forward to going to bed so they can listen to one of the stories. You will soon discover a change in your child's sleeping habits. After having listened to these stories once, your child will be eager to go to bed next time, just to be able to hear the story again ... and again.

PS. Many children ask to go to bed even before bedtime so they can fall asleep listening to their favorite story.

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7 Items