Unique self-esteem training MP3's for children 3 - 12 years.

Help your child raise self-esteem and boost self-confidence in the process.

Low self-esteem:

Feelings like: "I’m not what they want me to be", "Something is wrong with me", "I don’t fit in", "I am not being loved" are all negative feelings that are the result of not experiencing any appreciation. Those kinds of feelings, when repeated often enough, wear down on your child's self-esteem. A low self-esteem can ultimately result in doubt, anxiety, worry, abuse, inability to say "no" and much more.

High self-esteem:

As your children enjoys the great stories, self-esteem is strengthened though a unique combination of words, repetition and music. The stories prepares your child’s mind to feel stronger self-esteem and greater self-worth. Automatically! - This time tested approach is true self-esteem and confidence building for kids.

Because the essential part of the story is praising your child over and over again, your child will develop feelings such as "I am loved", "I am perfect just the way I am", "I am good enough", "other people like me", etc. These feelings will grow stronger each day because your child will hear the stories repeatedly. Younger children love hearing the same story over and over again. The older children will be part of the built-in challenges in the stories, and since these challenges need different solutions each time the story is told, the older children are also eager to hear the stories again and again.

This "Self-esteem Training" happens in 2 ways: One that can be used as a bedtime story, while the other can to be listened to during the daytime.

The positive effects of the self-esteem building stories will continue to work on a sub-conscious level after your child is asleep. Not only will your children improve the feeling of self-esteem and confidence day by day, your children will now look forward to bedtime, just because they want to listen to their new bedtime stories. Again and again.


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7 Items