Does your child appear anxious?

Symptoms of anxiety:

If your child is isolating, worrying, being excessively shy, easily overwhelmed or appearing physically weak your child may be struggling with anxiety.

Worrying is common, both among adults and children. But when the worries turn into anxiety, that doesn’t go away, it will start having a negative impact on your child’s daily life.

Children with anxiety often complain about headaches or stomachaches, they are tired, dreading to go to school or engage in social activities. This anxiety weakens the child to the point of feeling overwhelmed, excessively shy and it loses self-confidence and even zest for life.

Calm - Happy - Confident

The underlying cause of anxiety in children is the feeling that they are different, not good enough, that they don’t fit in or something is wrong with them. It is therefore essential, that the child’s internal negative story be turned into a positive story in order to overcome the anxiety.

Fantastic streamings and downloads with amazing results

These streamings focus on giving the child a different and positive message. The relaxation and visualization at the start of each story will take the child on a safe journey full of encouragements, that will engage the child in a positive experience.


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7 Items