"You Are Excellent"

"You’re clever", "You're great," "People really like you", "You're a good friend", "You're perfect." Imagine being the center of attention where everybody is talking about you in glowing tones. That is exactly what your child experiences in these "stories" which in reality is self-esteem training. Imagine your child feeling secure, loved, wanted and mentally strong right down to the smallest detail in life.

How it works:

By taking the child on an adventurous journey, in which your child always plays the main character, these "stories" will strengthen the child’s self-worth and self-esteem.
Using the boost of positive messaging approach, the stories tap into the child’s creativity and resourcefulness and thereby raise self-confidence and self-esteem.

Each story includes problems and tasks that the child needs to resolve. And because children in this age group no longer want to hear the same story over and over, the solution to the problems must change each time the story is told. That way the child will return to the story again and again. Through repetition of positive messages and encouragements the child will take on a “can do” attitude.

All of the 5 "stories" start out with a short relaxation process. Therefore they are easily fitted in as bedtime stories.

Unique Self-esteem Building Tools for Children:

The training provides a healthy and effective way to build a more positive view on life and a more balanced and harmonious self-image. The downloads consist a total of 5 stories that specifically stimulate the imaginative, right side of the brain. Creating, in a way, conscious dreams. The emotions and feelings your child gets from the training are as strong and powerful as the feelings coming from real experiences.

Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime: Increased self-esteem and confidence – something no children can get too much of. All children love it.

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