Boost self-esteem and raise self-confidence

Would you like to hear your child say: "I love you", "You're wonderful," "Oh I'm so glad"?

This is what many parents experience, when their children hear these "stories", which in reality is positive reinforcement of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Low self-esteem:

Feelings like: "I’m not what they want me to be", "Something is wrong with me", "I don’t fit in", "I am not being loved" are all negative feelings that are the result of not experiencing any appreciation. Those kinds of feelings, when repeated often enough, wear down on your child's self-esteem. A low self-esteem can ultimately result in doubt, anxiety, worry, abuse, inability to say "no" and much more.

High self-esteem:

Compliments given to a child like "You're smart", "You are a great friend", "You're so beautiful", "Good job" etc. result in a feeling that is saying: "I am okay.", "I can do it!", "They like me.", "I am being loved."... and those kinds of compliments increase the self-esteem of the child when repeated.

Bedtime stories that are more than just a story.

Streaming and downloads.

These unique streaming and Downloads help your child build high self-esteem and eliminate low self-esteem. Once your child has the feeling "I’ am OK.", "I’m perfect as I am", "I'm just right", ‘I fit in", "I am worthy of love", your child is in its ‘zone’ and negative emotions are more easily dealt with.

Ann: I bought "You Are Excellent". I very quickly noticed a positive effect on Daniel’s mood and the way he speaks to and about other people. He doesn’t have tantrums anymore; and when he starts to get a little upset, he right away goes into his room and listens to his streaming. His fussiness slowly dissolves like fog disappearing when the sun comes out.

But the most remarkable is the way he speaks to and about people - it is wonderful.

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4 Items