"You are great" package

Low self-esteem:

Feelings like: "I’m not what they want me to be", "Something is wrong with me", "I don’t fit in", "I am not being loved" are all negative feelings that are the result of not experiencing any appreciation. Those kinds of feelings, when repeated often enough, wear down on your child's self-esteem. A low self-esteem can ultimately result in doubt, anxiety, worry, abuse, inability to say "no" and much more.

When you buy the "You are great" package you give your child a great opportunity to create joy and happiness, build self-esteem and confidence. You will receive 3 streaming:: "You Are Great", "You Are Perfect" and "You're The Best". The 3 streaming consist a total of 5 stories for children from 3 to 7 years.


High self-esteem for children

How it works:

The self-esteem training is a psychological method based on the effect of repetition.


Most of what we have learned as a child and now do automatically is a result of repetition.

How does a child learn to ride a bicycle?

How does a child learn to tie shoelaces?

How does a child learn to write?

How does a child learn to spell and read?

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

How does a child learn to build self-esteem and confidence?

Could it possibly be learned the same way?

The answer is yes, and these stories will help your child build more self-esteem and confidence.

Not just a story:

The package consist a total of 5 stories. Your child will experience great story-telling and at the same time your child are receiving self-esteem training.

The main character in the story is your child, who as a part of the story, constantly gets cherished, acknowledged and praised. This is the tool for increasing your child’s sense of self-esteem and confidence.

If the stories are used at bedtime, they will continue having a positive impact on the child’s subconsciousness once the child is asleep.

Do something really great for your child. Purchase the "You are great" package.

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